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ROUQOT is a globally recognized IT company. We are a family of talented experts who help global brands, enterprises, midsize businesses or even startups to offer innovative solutions.

Our Services

Our international agency provides a full range of services for the creation and promotion of sites in several languages ​​and in various markets.

About us

We have more than about 5+ years experience IT solutions.

Rouqot is an international marketing agency. We are growing now. Rouqot is now available in the US. Here we are looking for new approaches and tools, debugging work with clients, launching new directions. We know that “you can always do better”, the main thing is to believe and try.

In any business, customers are always in the spotlight. We are a leading website development and promotion company, so our work goes beyond our direct clients. We always start from where you are with our ideas, and we think from the perspective of YOUR end customers, their problem areas and develop a solution that solves the main problems for the benefit of your business.

Communication is the key to success. We tend to communicate a lot with the customer, to recognize his needs. While this sounds overwhelming, it ultimately works wonders for our clients' businesses. When our development team collaborates with our customers thousands of miles away, it's obvious that we stay connected with platforms and environments that deliver efficiency, transparency, and accuracy.

With over five years of experience in the website development and promotion industry, we have an excellent set of internal structures with a best-in-class infrastructure to keep us connected and deliver the highest quality solutions.


For 10 years of work, we can boast of a large number of completed projects and awards. Below are our achievements in numbers








How we works?

Whether you want to design, test and efficiently bring a new product to market, or optimize the performance of your current product, Rouqot is your trusted technology partner at every stage of the software development process.

Service request

You fill out an application for technical support of the site and indicate the wishes for the work

Commercial offer

We will contact you for details, offer to fill out a brief. After we send you a commercial offer

Make outline

We develop a solution and coordinate it with you

Work on project

We design and develop custom digital solutions to solve your business challenges

Analysis and testing

We  testing all functionality. In case of detection of errors, we eliminate and refine them.

Job done

After completing each stage, we provide a report on the work.

Our Portfolio

We have completed 200+ website and 500+ design jobs. All of our portfolio are professional. It a centainly true that, a good previous work portfolio always show skills

Our Testimonials

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Great work

I ordered a one-page website from ROUQOT agency to sell 1 product.
Experts have developed a responsive and modern website based on Woocomerce in 21 days.



Thank you for the online store!

The specialists developed the website design, installed it on the Prestashop engine and developed all the necessary functionality.
I’m happy with everything!



Perfect E-commerce solution

Rouqot employees developed an online store for me, taking into account all my wishes in a short time of 21 days.
Most impressed by their creativity and responsiveness. Many thanks!


PPC Management

Rouqot specialists set up and launched an advertising campaign in Google Adwords and brought 63 applications to my website in 1 month


SEO optimization

We contacted ROUQOT Agency for SEO optimization and website promotion in the UAE
For 2 months, we entered the TOP 3 Google for the queries we are interested in. The collaboration with ROUQOT has been fruitful and enjoyable.



Website development for a mobile application

Rouqot agency has developed a unique design and helped us present our application on the Internet.
Everything was efficient and efficient



Enterprise website

Thank you for developing a Presentable and beautiful website for our company.



Covid 19 we works?

Our team was able to quickly rebuild under the current restrictions. We have completely secured ourselves and you and switched to remote work, so all our activities are currently carried out remotely

COVID-19 Update


With the COVID-19 pandemic, the ROUQOT team is committed to providing uninterrupted service to all our customers and is also ready to take on new tasks. All members of our team, including engineers, project managers, and business advisory teams, are available during office hours and work safely from home.