One of the most effective tools for promoting goods and services on the market is contextual advertising. If you need advertising on Google or Yandex, it is wiser to turn to experienced specialists of our agency for help. Without knowledge in this area, the time and money spent will not bring results, but our company is ready to offer you a comprehensive promotion service and favorable conditions.

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising refers to text ads that are placed on a search engine or on thematic sites. Their main feature is binding to user requests. In other words, contextual advertising in Yandex or Google is aimed at a potential client, a person who is interested in a product or service.

In order for the client to find out about the company’s offer, it is enough for him to click on the link and go to the site. Ad impressions and the effectiveness of advertising settings directly depends on the correct settings, the selection of keywords and other important settings.

The main purpose of the advertising campaign is:


Setting contextual advertising agency Rouqot

Our company offers services for setting up contextual advertising. We will allow you to maximize your business at the lowest possible cost. A rational spending of the budget and the correct setting of advertisements in Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords will help you make yourself known in the market. We successfully work with owners of large, medium and small businesses, online stores and companies providing various services.

Our agency uses an integrated approach:

  1. We conduct a deep analysis of the niche and target audience, study competitors, and take into account various factors when choosing a strategy.

  2. Setting up Yandex. Direct and Google Adwords is carried out taking into account the data received. In a minimum time we run an advertising company.

  3. We analyze the results of the campaign, monitor the conversion and make changes to the settings, if necessary, to achieve the best result. We choose the best ways to solve the problem with minimal financial costs.

  4. We use Retargeting / Remarketing – a tool that allows you to display ads on your site to users who visited your site, even if they closed it, advertising haunts them on other sites.

Proper use of Google Adwords and Yandex Direct allow you to effectively promote your business in the market. The high efficiency of contextual advertising is due to several factors:

We will help you increase sales and make your business profitable. Just contact us in a convenient way to discuss all the details of cooperation and choose the most effective tools for promotion.

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