What is cross-cutting analytics?

End-to-end analytics is an analysis method by which the effectiveness of investments in marketing is determined. Starting from the first “contact” with the client (viewing ads) until the transaction is closed.

Accordingly, this is a system in which complete information is collected on all marketing channels, conversion statistics, traffic sources, key queries, which allows you to track the entire transaction cycle in detail.

Key elements of end-to-end analytics:

– GA web analytics, NM configured correctly;

– analysis of advertising;

– dynamic tracking for tracking, statistics and recording phone calls;

– CRM – customer cards with full information about all transactions and payments;

– BI (Business Intelligence) reporting platform.

What tasks is used

  1. Detailed marketing analysis to check the payback on all marketing channels, up to a specific banner. Which allows you to more effectively redistribute the advertising budget.
  2. Segment the target audience to determine which of the customers who left their contact details have not yet made a purchase.

  3. Test advertising and identify new effective ideas.

  4. Identify ineffective places on the landing pages of sales funnels, as well as check the qualifications of sales managers.

  5. Collect all the necessary information from CRM, web analytics, call tracking, advertising, site statistics in a single interface.

  6. Manage ad impressions in an ad campaign automatically.

To solve these problems, order cross-cutting analytics in our agency.

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