What is display advertising?

Display advertising on the Internet is one of the most popular marketing tools aimed at entertainment, visual and emotional perception.

Media promotion is the placement of vibrant text, sound, graphic and video materials, thanks to which they will not only know about your brand – they will be interested in them, loyalty to the company will increase. They will find out about you in search engines, on thematic sites, in social services. networks, on Youtube, in mobile applications, e-mail – everywhere.

Types of display advertising:

How We Launch Display Advertising at Rouqot Marketing Agency

Stage 1 Media Planning:

Stage 2 Creation of an advertising campaign:

Stage 3 Launch and management of an advertising campaign:

Stage 4 Analysis of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign:

Assign Rouqot to your display business for your business

Display advertising in Rouqot is a guarantee of the growth of traffic to your site, we will make sure that the people who need your business know and speak about you. Many successful cases of display advertising campaigns are our guarantees.

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