The advantages of the mobile version of the site

Owners of sites, blogs and online stores do not always understand why a mobile version of the site is needed. Let’s see – why website adaptation for mobile devices is so necessary.

Why is it worth adapting the site?

  1. In 2015-16, the largest search engines Yandex and Google officially announced that mobile site adaptation directly affects the ranking of a resource in the search results.

  2. Search engines also began to take into account the customer focus of the site, the convenience and ease of use. By accessing an unprepared resource from a phone or tablet, the user may encounter a cumbersome design, distortion of proportions, awkward links and a scroll bar. As a result, he will quickly leave your site, and is unlikely to return there. The more such failures, the faster the position in the issuance is lost, and as a result the drop in conversion and the number of orders.

  3. The amount of traffic from gadgets has been growing rapidly recently. Statistics show that in 2009 only 0.7% of users entered the phone, by 2018 their number exceeded 52%, and by the end of 2019 it would be more than 63%.

Obviously, if you are interested in the growth of your project, only the desktop version is not enough, you can not ignore the problem of adaptation. We will help to solve this problem!



How do we solve this problem?

A high-quality mobile version of the site’s pages implies that the resource will “make friends” with any gadgets: scrolling will only be vertical, loading will speed up, and the interface will get rid of unnecessary elements. In this case, the view will remain recognizable and easy to read.

In some cases, we recommend making the mobile version of the site different from the desktop one while maintaining the general concept.

We will prepare a draft mobile version of the site, coordinate with you and implement it as soon as possible.

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