The service “mystery shopper” has become popular recently, because it allows you to get reliable facts about the state of business. The specialist works under the guise of a potential buyer of a trading company, and is in direct contact with employees. The task is to identify hidden shortcomings in management and obtain objective answers to questions posed by the customer of the study.

The main areas of verification

A sales audit can be ordered on specific topics of interest to the customer, or represent a standard list of issues. After direct contact with the manager or seller, the employee draws up a report (evaluation sheet). Marketing research is supported by factual materials (video, photo, voice recorder or payment, supporting documents). An assessment of sales and service skills can be performed, a comparative analysis of this trade area is provided.

The Mystery Shopper service is used for the following purposes:

Before the start of the audit, the contractor receives detailed instructions on the required reactions to the actions of sellers, what to pay special attention to and what issues are most relevant in this case. It should be understood that the report can have far-reaching consequences for the trading company under study.

Our offer

Agency Rouqot – Digital provides the service “mystery shopper of the site”, which our employees will perform confidentially and collect the maximum amount of information you are interested in. We guarantee the best combination of service cost and workmanship. The order is executed promptly, immediately after the coordination of the working details. As a result, you will receive objective information that will help in the development of a business structure.

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