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How to increase website traffic

The owner of any site, especially a commercial one, is interested in increasing its traffic. This may be necessary to increase the level of sales, earnings on advertising placed on the portal, and so...
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How do behavioral factors affect SEO?

Search engines determine the quality of content on a site based on behavioral factors. Our agency provides comprehensive SEO promotion . If users spend a lot of time on your resource and show...
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Contextual advertising versus targeting (comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages)

Today, an increasing volume of advertising campaigns is conducted on the Internet. However, there are two main types of advertising – targeting and contextual. The first is an announcement in...
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What are the advantages of SEO over contextual advertising?

In the modern world, companies have to make a lot of efforts to promote their sites to the first positions in search engines. Due to the constant competition between corporate pages of different...
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What is contextual advertising and why is it needed?

Any site owner, especially a commercial one, is interested in attracting more visitors – potential buyers. If you simply place ads, they will not be very effective, because they are also seen...
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What should an online store have to sell? Introducing the checklist of a selling online store

An online store is the most successful method of promoting goods today. Compared to the offline business, it does not require an impressive investment, rent of retail, warehouse space, or a large...
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Setting up GOOGLE ADS

High site traffic is one of the conditions for successful business through the Internet. To increase targeted traffic, just use the special service  Google AdWords . This is a service that uses...
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Promote the site on SEO

The Internet provides a ton of opportunities to provide the right information and create an enabling business environment. A new site with beautiful pictures, unique content, advertising leads will...
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Contextual advertising: Google AdWords vs Yandex Direct

Contextual advertising – what is it? Contextual advertising is the placement of paid ads in search results and on a web resource. Contextual advertising is carried out by two services: Google...
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