How do behavioral factors affect SEO?

Search engines determine the quality of content on a site based on behavioral factors. Our agency provides comprehensive SEO promotion . If users spend a lot of time on your resource and show activity, moving from one page to another, this will favorably affect its position in the search results. <! – more ->

Features of behavioral factors

It is customary to distinguish between external and internal behavioral factors. The first category includes clickthrough rate (CTR) and the last click. The CTR is the ratio of users who have committed some targeted action (purchase of goods, subscription to updates, etc.) to the total number of visitors to the resource. A high percentage of this indicator characterizes the successful promotion of the site. In addition, if a user was looking for some information and your site was the last of the number of resources that he visited, then the search system will consider that it was on it that he received an answer to his question. The authority of your site for the search engine will increase, and it will move your resource to a higher place in the SERP. To optimize external behavioral factors, you need to increase brand awareness, as well as improve the headings and meta descriptions of the content you publish.

Internal behavioral factors include failure rates. Its growth is due to situations when users quickly leave your site without having made a single click on its pages. The growth of this indicator adversely affects the promotion of the resource. The manifestation of sharing pages of a site through social networks also refers to internal behavioral factors. If users will actively do reposts from the pages of your resource, search engines will find its content interesting and in demand. Motivate website visitors to like and repost if you want to improve this indicator.

One of the main goals of SEO is to increase traffic. If you want to increase it due to internal behavioral factors, make the structure of the web resource intuitive. Design optimization can also have a beneficial effect on SEO.

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