How to increase website traffic

The owner of any site, especially a commercial one, is interested in increasing its traffic. This may be necessary to increase the level of sales, earnings on advertising placed on the portal, and so on. But how to achieve this?

Methods to increase traffic

To attract visitors, first of all you need to do SEO promotion . This allows you to bring the site to the first position in the search results. The easiest way is to increase the credibility of a web resource by posting links to it on other sites. However, numerous references to dubious resources can be regarded as a cheat, so the choice of sites for placement must be approached very carefully.

SEO-promotion – work primarily for the long term. To achieve good short-range results, you can use contextual advertising . It is especially effective in the case of commercial resources, because ads are displayed only for those users who are really interested in your subject. The site owner can further increase the accuracy of advertising by indicating gender, age, place of residence and other criteria for choosing the target audience in the targeting settings.

Promotion on social networks is another method of attracting traffic. Many large sites have communities on Facebook and Vkontakte, channels on YouTube and so on. Users will certainly share with friends and subscribers interesting and useful materials published in them. This will attract more visitors to the site who can become your customers.

Newsletters are another effective way to increase traffic. Some users simply forget about your site. If they left any contact information (for example, email or phone number), do not be afraid to remind them of yourself by regularly sending messages with the latest news or a selection of interesting products.

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