Contextual advertising: Google AdWords vs Yandex Direct

Contextual advertising – what is it?
Contextual advertising is the placement of paid ads in search results and on a web resource. Contextual advertising is carried out by two services: Google Adwords and Yandex.

Text, graphic, video, demonstrating the possibilities of using their search query, demonstrating interest or behavior on the Internet. Contextual advertising can be used not only for the search system, but also for partner sites, mobile applications and other resources.

Types of contextual advertising from Google and Yandex:

Google Adwords and Yandex Direct offer users the following types of contextual advertising:

  • Search ads appearing in search results.
  • Campaign in YAN and Google Display Network – includes the display of ads on partner sites, in applications and other web resources.
  • Smart banners in Yandex Direct and the Google shopping campaign. Ads contain dynamic content that is adjusted to the interests of the user.
  • Banner advertising on Yandex search. Ads show rights from search results. They have not only classic text ads, but also beautiful images and detailed diagrams.
  • Video add

What is better than Google AdWords or Yandex Direct?

Actual statistics of Google and Yandex users and forecast for 2020

Despite the fact that Yandex considers it to be a “Runet search engine”, the share of Russian-speaking users of American Google is steadily growing.
If back in 2018, Yandex was very popular among Russia, then in 2019 Google began to decisively gain popularity. The result – 56.4% of sympathies Google  versus 41.2% of Yandex.

You see the graph below showing the growth trends of visitors.
The forecast for 2020 is 60% of Google Adwords users against 35% of Yandex Direct.

The disappointing conclusion suggests itself – Google  ads in Runet will soon become more clear and more expensive than Yandex ads.

Let’s move on to comparing the two services.

Google AdWords  Yandex Direct 
  • International Search Engine
  • The cost of a click is cheaper than in Yandex
  • A lot of options for automation of advertising companies
  • The big popularity of smartphones , operating on the platform Android , in which search from Google is installed by default, provides a considerable influx of traffic. 
  • Offers the opportunity to present ads on the most popular video hosting – Youtube
  • You can add more extensions to advertisements (promotions, prices, messages on the phone)
  • Ability to customize more precise geographical targeting


  • Designed exclusively for the Russian-speaking audience
  • Intuitive user interface (Russian-speaking advertiser)
  • You can transfer ads to other search engines Runet
  • Ability to predict a position in an ad block
  • New banner format for search ads available
  • The headings and description of ads contain more characters (35 and 81)

In Google, targeting is available on thematic sites, previously installed applications and new devices. Due to this, advertising is shown on competitors’ websites, in the applications and gadgets you need that users have just purchased. Advertising on Yandex does not provide such opportunities, but you will have access to the Yandex.Audience branded service. Using it, it is possible to segment potential customers according to all possible signs.


You can’t say for sure which service is better. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on the specifics of your business, niche employment and other factors.

The services provided by competing corporations have much in common:

  • Properly configured settings allow you to attract the maximum target audience.
  • Free web analytics services are offered – their use allows you to understand how well the advertising campaign is structured and whether you should expect an effect from it.
  • Quick return on investment.

If you take a responsible approach to the business and systematically optimize the company, Yandex Direct and Google Adwords will ensure the achievement of the desired result.

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