Setting up GOOGLE ADS

High site traffic is one of the conditions for successful business through the Internet. To increase targeted traffic, just use the special service  Google AdWords . This is a service that uses contextual advertising to increase the position of a site in a search query and increase the flow of visitors.

How does advertising in Google work?

The service is designed in such a way that when a person is interested in a specific product or service, he will be shown an advertisement of the corresponding content. If she “hooks” a person, he will click on the ad and become a visitor to the site. With an increase in attendance, conversion and profit increase.

How to set up an advertising account in Google ?

To use Google AdWords for your purposes, you need to perform a number of steps:

  • Register – first in the search engine, and then in the service. Fill in the fields with information about yourself and save the data. After that, your personal account will be created in the system.
  • Make campaign settings – create a new campaign, give it a name, choose the type of advertising and purpose. Decide on the region, language, specify the price for one click, set the daily budget.
  • Pay attention to the Ad Groups – name each of them and set the price for the transition.
  • Create advertisements – write headings and a description, your contextual advertising will consist of them.
  • Highlight keywords.
  • Submit your ad for review by moderators.
  • After passing the verification, enter your payment details.

Common configuration errors

Google advertising has its own subtleties, without knowing which, you can make mistakes leading to losses:

  • Incorrect target and campaign type.
  • Ineffective ad.
  • Stop broadcasting.
  • Ignoring match types keywords .
  • Lack of adaptation for mobile devices.

To avoid mistakes in building advertising campaigns, entrust this to professionals from our agency. Before starting advertising, we carefully study the material and, based on the analysis, develop an individual program for each client.

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