What are the advantages of SEO over contextual advertising?

In the modern world, companies have to make a lot of efforts to promote their sites to the first positions in search engines. Due to the constant competition between corporate pages of different companies, the promotion of the company’s website cannot be stopped, otherwise it, even if not immediately, will begin to sink to lower positions in the results. In such a situation, any owner of an Internet resource wants to use only the most reliable methods to promote it, which would allow his site to count on high positions in search results even in the long term. Because of this, the question immediately arises – what will be a more effective way to achieve this goal, SEO or contextual advertising ?

Duration of the effect of the advertising campaign

With proper use, search engine optimization will attract new users to your site much longer than contextual advertising. A high position in the search results ensures that your site will be visible to anyone who made the corresponding request, while when using contextual advertising your portal will cease to be shown to users as soon as you run out of the amount allocated for it. In addition, the work that you performed as part of SEO will keep the site in the first position of the issuance for some time, even when you stop taking any steps to optimize it. Especially if you continue to post on its pages any content on the activities of the company.

Broad audience reach

While contextual ads will be shown only to visitors to sites that are partners of your advertising service, SEO allows you to reach a much larger audience. Promoting your site in one search engine will also allow it to occupy higher positions in another. In addition, if you focus on attracting an audience in a certain region, your site will also become more popular in neighboring territories. Thus, any efforts made to search engine optimization of your resource will make it more visible to everyone who may need it, and contextual advertising will always limit the number of visitors to the web page.

User attitude to the site

Most users tend to trust organic search results than contextual advertising. This is because in order to get the site to the first positions of search engines, its owner will have to work hard on the content. At a minimum, he will need to find out what exactly those users he wants to attract are looking for, and then place information on the site’s pages that best meets the needs of the audience. And in order to ensure the appearance of contextual advertising on the Internet, no labor is required, you just need to pay for its placement. Therefore, finding a site through a search engine, the user is more confident that its owner understands his audience well than when he goes to the web page by clicking on an advertisement. If you want to increase the confidence of visitors to your site, you can order SEO-promotion from us, we will carry out all the necessary work to optimize it quickly and efficiently.

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