What is contextual advertising and why is it needed?

Any site owner, especially a commercial one, is interested in attracting more visitors – potential buyers. If you simply place ads, they will not be very effective, because they are also seen by those people who may not be interested in your products or services at all. To solve this problem, contextual advertising was invented. But what is she?

Key Features and Purpose

Contextual advertising differs from the usual one in that it is not displayed to all people, but only to the target audience of the customer. This can significantly increase the conversion, because it is seen by users who are interested in your subject. Contextual advertising is very flexible in setting: it can be targeted to people of a certain age, place of residence, level of solvency and many other parameters.

Placement of such ads is possible both in search results and on thematic pages. In the first case, they are displayed in the upper positions of the results. The display of certain ads directly depends on the user’s search query. Therefore, the risk of showing them to an inappropriate audience, from which it is impossible to make a profit, is practically absent.

Ads are placed on sites using the services of specialized affiliate networks. They show the user those options that are most relevant to the subject of the page on which he is located. To do this, the affiliate network analyzes the keywords placed on it.

Contextual advertising performs several tasks at once. It is designed to increase traffic and sales, demonstrate a new product on the market, promote and improve the brand image, informing about promotions.

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