4.8 times increased conversion from contextual advertising


Google Adwords Case: Increased contextual conversion by 4.8 times

Service: Contextual advertising
Topic: Law firm
Region: Moscow and Novosibirsk, Russia
Campaign duration: 4 months
Monthly budget: 2200$ (including agency commission)


About the client

Law firm Account provides legal services in Moscow and Novosibirsk


  • Increase in the number of orders
  • CPO reduction


  • Web analytics (Google Analytics; Yandex metric), heatmaps
  • Google Adwords (Search and Display Ads)
  • Similarweb
  • Budget forecast in Yandex.Direct



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The law firm Account has applied to set up contextual advertising both in Yandex.Direct and in Google AdWords.

was chosen as a priority topic


Before Start

For each of the topics, a map of thoughts was compiled with the subsequent collection of the semantic core. All requests with a low frequency were grouped to prevent the status of “low impressions” in Yandex.Direct


rrrrr Thought Map

Thought Map


After grouping the requests, ads were carefully written for each group, without using templates. Thus, by the start of the campaigns, an excellent CTR of ads in the search was received. In addition, separate retargeting and remarketing campaigns were created for each topic in both AdWords and Yandex.Direct, campaigns were created in YAN and CCM.

Start advertising

At startup, it was possible to determine that the optimal budget for the day was 20,000 – 30,000 rubles. With severe restrictions on the daily budget, an increase in the price of applications began. As a result of this, a standard ad display was set up with further adjustment of hourly rates. It was revealed that “Turnkey” prefix turned out to be one of the best selling additives. Due to this, ads have been redesigned

Monthly Results:

First month of Google Analytics


After the first month, the main features of the campaign were revealed:

1. Conversion rates when getting into the guarantee immediately worsened the statistics for the day

2. Displaying ads on weekends brought too expensive Conversions. Downward adjustment was made



Weekend Conversions

3. According to demographics, it was revealed that the conversion was brought by an audience of 25-44 years old


rrrrr Age adjustment

Age adjustment


Age adjustments have been made


еееееСравнение первого и третьего месяца

Comparison of the first and third month


Topic changes:

In September, it was decided to change themes in favor of more profitable ones. It was revealed that cheap topics such as the participant’s exit from the LLC, the introduction of changes, gave a small profit. It was decided to redirect funds to the liquidation of the LLC and the registration of the LLC. Since the topics are expensive, it was decided to maintain the price for the appeal with the same number of requests. To save the cost of applications, it was decided to redistribute the budget towards AdWords, since there are cheaper applications


ppppp  September and October comparison

Comparison of September and October


As a result of the campaign, we have the same number of requests as at the start, but with more profitable returns with a slight increase in price. Further development of the campaign has already been outlined and will be aimed at expanding towards civil law

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