5-fold increase in online store sales due to advertising automation


Contextual Advertising Case: Increasing sales of an online store by 5 times due to automation of advertising

Service: Contextual advertising
Client: Euroflett
Topic: Online store of household appliances
Region: Moscow, Russia
Duration of the campaign: 2 months
Budget not month: 1000$ (including agency commission)


About the client

Euroflett – an online store of premium and European-made home appliances


  • Brand Awareness
  • increased sales while maintaining CPO


  • Web analytics (Google Analytics; Yandex metric), heatmaps
  • Google Adwords (Search and Display Ads)
  • Similarweb



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Stage 1 – Improving Existing Advertising Campaigns

After analyzing the existing advertising campaigns, agency experts began work on their optimization:

Stage 2 – Setting up model campaigns in the Generator

Feed development

The work began with the creation of a new data feed, because the existing feed had a complex structure, which was inconvenient to work with. Main tags used in the feed:

For example:


Generator Setup

The existing Euroflett account had brand and model ad campaigns. It was decided to completely change the structure of model campaigns. The store has several brands of household appliances, as well as different categories (refrigerators, hobs, etc.). The conditions for working with brands vary, so each brand has its own advertising campaigns. To make it easier to analyze statistics by ad group, a brand, category and model were added to the name template


ппппСнимок экрана 2020-01-22 в 14.04.39.png

Several ad templates were created, because if one of the options doesn’t work (for example, the number of characters in Heading-1 will exceed the permissible), then the Generator will use the following template. Also in the ad was added the price of the product, which changes automatically.

In this example, the Header-2 template is the same, the price is substituted into it. And Heading-1 changes if the template does not match the number of characters:


pppp  1.png

The keywords with the name of the brand and model were added to the key phrases in both Cyrillic and Latin. For transliteration, the “Replace” function was used


pppp  image10.png


After creating the ad templates, it was necessary to solve more complex problems:

To filter brands and products that have a status of “Out of stock”, “Expected delivery” or “Product to order” in the Generator, the Rule for excluding such goods from generation


pppp  image8.png


The ads created in the Generator began to look like this:


  пппСнимок экрана 2020-01-22 в 14.42.02.png



Setup Difficulties

In order to get high-quality key phrases, it was necessary to refine the keyword template, because he did not take into account typos and slang. For example, for the Mitsubishi brand, only translit is not suitable, because users search for a brand in different ways – Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi, etc. This problem was solved using the Synonyms List:


pppp  image6.png

Step 3 – Setting Up the Optimizer

In order to stop and run the ads, depending on the presence of 404 errors on the landing page, two Events were configured.

One – checks active ads for 404 errors and stops them, and the second – runs ads without 404 errors in already stopped ones.

Event to stop ads leading to 404 error:

The action must be added to the ads links leading to page 404 at the end of the utm-tag “# 404”, stop the ads and send the report by mail


pппddппСнимок экрана 2020-01-23 в 11.43.41.png

Event to trigger ads if the page has become active:

You must first remove “# 404” from the link, and then run the ad and send the report by mail


ppппгппСнимок экрана 2020-01-23 в 11.55.16.png

Features of Optimizer settings on the project:

To stop goods that are not in stock, the Rule was configured in the Generator to exclude them from generation. But some brands needed to be left and lower the rate on them or stopped only temporarily. To do this, first the same feed used in the Generator was connected to the Event, and the following conditions were set in the Rules settings:


pppp image2 copy.png


Action – disable the add lower the bid.

What did you get as a result

Automation has reduced the number of errors that might appear during manual campaign data collection. Due to automatic generation and optimization, the following results were achieved:

30% – increase in coverage by model campaigns 37% – decrease in CPL 8 million rubles. – store sales growth after a month of work ROUQOT.

Thanks to professionalism ROUQOT team , the tasks were completed. Model advertising campaigns have switched over to automatic control – this significantly saves the time of the company’s specialists. Automation of contextual advertising can also be done by you. Get a free consultation:



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