Case for email marketing: attracted authors to the program for bloggers from GetResponse


Email marketing case: attracted authors to GetResponse’s blogging program

Service: Email Marketing
Client: GetResponse
Topic: Email marketing platform
Region: Moscow, Russia
Campaign duration: 10 days
Budget: 350 $


About the client

GetResponse is one of the largest international email marketing platforms. Among the clients of the service are UNESCO, Hilton, IKEA,, Kommersant. The customer contact database is approaching a billion addresses.



Informing the target audience about the terms of the offer for bloggers and attracting authors to participate in the program


User Response Analytics



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Promotion Strategy

To achieve the goal, we proposed using email newsletters regarding the addresses of our database of media leaders and bloggers specializing in marketing, online business, and social media promotion. Why email newsletters? This is a great tool for working with a limited target audience whose contacts you know. Newsletters thrive like a channel: according to to SalesForce research , 95% of the 4100 leading marketers in the world use or plan to use email marketing and increased spending on it in 2019.





What have we done

1. Work with the database

First of all, we took a database of 112 bloggers email addresses and divided them into two approximately equal categories:

Our base is cold, that is, before this case we did not send bloggers and media representatives from the list of letters or suggestions

2. Chaining

Let me remind you that the database is cold, so for the chain we decided to take Frank Kern’s 4DCM (The 4 Day Cash Machine Email-Marketing) method as a basis. It is great for short and intense interactions with cold subscribers. Ideally, this is a chain of daily letters that arrive at the same time (with the exception of the latter, it is delivered two hours later). The letters consistently emphasize the importance, benefit, exclusivity, urgency of the proposal. In our case, we adhered to recommendations on the content, but 5 days of the difference passed between the first and second letters. The remaining two letters “finished off” the target audience daily.


///// //////////////////////////////////////  


It’s important to clarify that the last letters in the thread went to the penultimate week of December, so we’ve already collected some of the replies after the holidays. Of course, for such promotions it is better to wait until the end of the vacation time, but in the case of the GetResponse program for bloggers, time played a role.

3. Work with the service

To send the newsletter, we chose the service, since it allows you to send letters in one chain, without a link to the unsubscribe page and creates the complete illusion of individual communication.


Analytics of user actions in the service



Newsletter Results

Altogether 76 people opened the letter (UOR – 67.86%), 23 people answered (RR – 20.54%, registered in the program, according to the data provided by the platform, 6 that is, the conversion to the target action at the moment (excluding interested leads): 5.36%.


Results of mailing by segments with names and nameless bloggers


By the segment of bloggers with names: //////

////////////////////////////////// / span>


38 people opened letters in this segment (UOR – 65.5%), 15 people answered (RR – 25.9%), 4 respondents registered in the program: By blogger segment without names:


/////////////////////////////// / span>


37 people opened letters in this segment (UOR – 69.8%), 8 people answered (RR – 15.1%), registered in the program, according to the data provided, 2 respondent.


Warm Bloggers – An Interested Audience

Among the 23 responses, only two were negative, 7 answers came with an interest to consider the proposal over time. My favorite: /




Answers with suggestions to think about integration into the program came from bloggers, CEO. agency founders and media executives. Some more screenshots:

///////////////////////////////// /////

////////////////////////////// // </ span >

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These contacts can be written personally over time, emphasizing the advantages of the program.



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