Case study for end-to-end analytics for a medical clinic


Case-through analytics: Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising channels and finding growth points

Service: End-to-end analytics
Client: Implant City
Topic: Dental clinic
Region: Moscow, Russia
Campaign duration: 4 months
Budget for the month: 500$


About the client

“Implant City” – “full cycle” dental clinic


Create an interactive dashboard where the client can track the effectiveness of all advertising channels and monitor the sales funnel


  • Google Analytics
  • amoCRM




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Required widgets:

Mandatory BI system functionality:

To build a dashboard, it was necessary to reduce data from CRM, analytical systems and advertising platforms. Implant City Connected:

1) Analytical systems

2) Advertising systems:

3) CRM – amoCRM

Difficulties and their solution

In the process of collecting data and building the first dashboards, we encountered two difficulties that directly affected the correctness of reports.

A large proportion of lost data. Data loss was detected during the construction of the first report for November 2018. We noticed the anomalously expensive lead from Facebook.


pppp Report on advertising systems for November 2018

November 2018 Ad Systems Report


In the process of searching for the causes of data loss, we found out that the service that processes LeadAds requests from Facebook does not correctly transfer them to amoCRM. To solve this problem, data transfer was configured. Now applications from Facebook are automatically transferred to amoCRM and utm tags configured by the client are added to them. As a result, the customer workflow with applications has been optimized. After setting up the transfer of data from Facebook, we uploaded the historical data for November 2018.

86% заявок не поступило в amoCRM из Facebook

CPA рекламного источника снизился на 25%



After the successful Facebook integration, we also used this integration for requests from myTarget. Previously, applications from this social network were collected manually by the client. Due to the automatic transfer of applications from social networks to the client’s CRM, the processing speed of applications has increased, which, in turn, has a positive effect on conversion.

Inconsistency between the initial CRM data and the required data by the client. CRM gives transaction data by current statuses – this is a feature of the amoCRM system. At the same time, the client must consider retrospective statuses to build the correct funnel. For example, he wants to see how many applications with the status of an “incoming call” were for the period. However, at the time of the request, part of such applications already had the status of “successful transaction” or “failed transaction.”

It was decided to use amoCRM “notes”. This function allows you to collect a history of changes for each transaction.



Based on the client’s brief, reports were collected that met the client’s tasks.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising channels. To build a widget, the data of advertising sites was combined with the data of CRM and Google Analytics. The distribution of budget and conversions by advertising sources is derived, for each source CR and CPA are calculated.


ппппцпппОценка эффективности рекламных каналов

пvпаепппОценка эффективности рекламных каналов

Sales funnel. All data for the funnel is pulled from CRM.

папvппппВоронка продаж

Statistics by day. The report on days by consumption, conversion, CPA and CR was built.

апппСтатистика по дням

All the functionality required by the client is implemented:


Ability to select arbitrary time periods

Ability to select arbitrary time periods


ppp  Demonstration of numerical indicators at the hover over the graph

Show numerical indicators when you hover over the chart


Data from all systems is downloaded daily, and historical data for the selected systems are also updated.


Thanks to professionalism ROUQOT teams , the tasks were completed. Model advertising campaigns have switched over to automatic control – this significantly saves the time of the company’s specialists. Automation of contextual advertising can also be done by you. Get a free consultation:



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