Led 6500 followers on Instagram account


Case for promoting Instagram community with movies


Service: SMM promotion
Client: Film_4u
Topic: Movies and TV Shows
Region: Moscow, Russia
Campaign duration: 2 months
Two-month budget: 600$ (including commission agencies)

About the client

Film_4u. – An Instagram public on film.


  • Engaging Subscribers
  • Community Maintenance
  • Improving Post Coverage


  • Popster, Publer,
  • Targeted Ads
  • For posting: Inshot, Canva, Supa



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We started by creating an Instagram account @ film_4u , then We analyzed the target audience and competitors using the publer.pro service and organic search. Specialists narrowed the audience by age, gender and geography.

As a result, received:
Gender and age: Men and Women aged 18-35
Geography: Moscow and St. Petersburg
Interests: movies, TV shows, action films, horror films, comedies, thrillers, detective stories, dramas.

Then we started uploading video creatives in the form of trailers and movie clips using Inshot and Supa.com , and also made out the corresponding description to them. Creatives were of different genres and for each genre we created an advertisement and launched targeted advertising. For each advertising company, we used 2 creatives for A / B testing. Thus, we gained an increase in the target audience and increased the reach of the group.

In just 2 months of work, we have attracted more than 6500 subscribers. All statistics were tracked through business analytics on Instagram and the service popster.ru Particular attention was paid to hashtags, separate hashtags were selected and tested for each post, in order to choose the most relevant and popular. As a result, a pool of hashtags was developed for each genre.



In addition to posting (1-2 posts per day), stories with different interactivities were posted every day in order to keep a new audience. Interactive was in the form of: Surveys, tests, polls and questions, as well as raffle tickets for premieres and quizzes with prizes! The column “Guess the film by frame” was especially popular, as evidenced by the number of voters (300 and above) and messages in Direct.



As a result, we got 6500 new subscribers, the average coverage of a post of 50,000 due to well-chosen hashtags, targeted advertising and the creative itself.



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