SEO promotion of a building goods store website in TOP-10 Yandex


Case: SEO promotion of a building goods store site in TOP-10 Yandex

Service: SEO promotion
Client: AKSON
Topic: Online store of construction products
Region: Central Federal District, Russia
Campaign duration: 6 months
Monthly budget: 500$

About the client

AKSON is the largest domestic, dynamically developing DIY network of the central federal district with an omnichannel sales system and a high level of logistics service


  • Proper internal website optimization
  • Increase in the number of orders
  • Reducing the cost of advertising a site in search engines
  • CPO reduction


  • Web analytics (Google Analytics; Yandex metric), heatmaps
  • Yandex Webmaster
  • PR-CY
  • SiteAnalyzer
  • Ahrefs



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In the summer of 2018, the site owners conducted a global refactoring, the site runs on Bitrix CMS. The main traffic was from search engines, before the start of optimization it was about 400 visitors per week, approximately the same from Yandex and Google. Website optimization was not carried out, SEO-specialist in the design and launch of the site was not involved. The site was not ranked for major commercial requests; several low-frequency queries were in the Top 30 and Top 50.

Scaling the semantic core

Russia has never been a country with a developed Internet service. However, everything is changing: public awareness in this matter is growing, and every month there are new search queries related to the purchase of building materials online. For quality search engine optimization necessary constantly monitor requests, their frequency, the dynamics of changes in their nature, make constant changes. Some optimizers use artificially generated semantics that have nothing to do with real demand. An appropriate landing page is created for any possible request, and theoretically if someone really turns to a search for such a request, the site can receive traffic. But this way creates a huge number of garbage pages that do not attract traffic in principle. They are not just useless: pages that do not attract organic traffic become a factor affecting the overall pessimization of the site.

Technical aspects of promotion

There is no ideal content management system (CMS), and sites are not always designed with the participation of a specialist in search algorithms. Everything counts: the URL settings, the operation of filters in the directory, the ability to work with related content, speed and flexibility. The faster technical recommendations are implemented, the better.


It is important to understand that now the assortment of a store determines the expediency of search promotion of a product category. A dozen products in a single brand’s product category cannot compete with thousands of products from multiple brands. The small product categories in the competitive market segment do not correspond to the perceptions of search algorithms of relevance. It’s possible to promote them, but it’s difficult, and each time this implies tricks, and no guarantees of success.

Getting Started

During the initial audit, the following shortcomings were identified, which should be addressed first.

– redirect settings to avoid duplicates;

– incorrect page setup 404;

– use 302 (temporary) redirects instead of 301 (permanent);

– broken links to internal pages of the site that violate the principles of internal linking and crawling budget;

– numerous 503 server errors resulting from an excessive number of calls to the server and database;

– errors in the settings of the directives file for the robots.txt search engines and the generation of a site map containing erroneous URLs.

What has been done


Since the start of site optimization, a steady increase in traffic from both Google and Yandex has been achieved


ppppppppprrr  Increase in search traffic since the start of search promotion


Improved brand visibility through work on external sites and crowd marketing. Working with brand queries is an important part of modern SEO, influencing the results of promotion more and more




Since the start of work in November 2018, significant growth has been achieved in the positions of tracked search queries in Yandex and Google. We are talking about non-zero commercial requests that match the store’s offer.

As can be seen from the screenshot, for a period of 4-5 months, the site received positions in the top for requests that ranked outside the Top 50 or did not rank at all. And the opportunities for the growth of relevant commercial traffic and positions are far from exhausted. We use only white SEO tools in our work in strict accordance with the recommendations of search engines, without tricks and attempts to manipulate search algorithms that can more harm the website promotion than give positive results. Start SEO Promotion of your site right now:



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