What is SERM?

SERM (search engine reputation management) is a comprehensive service for managing and maintaining the business reputation of a brand on the Internet.

The user is trying to find the primary information about the company or brand in the search engine. What feedback he will receive, how much feedback will be favorable – depends on his loyalty and positive perception of the brand.

The assessment of negative risks and Internet reputation directly affect the most important indicator – the growth or fall of profit and revenue.

What tasks does SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) solve:

Why is it important?

Search engines rank the company not only by the frequency of mentioning the brand on the network, but also by the number and quality of reviews left. Negative reviews are immediately visible to the client. SERM performs an extremely important task – removes all the negativity in the first lines of the search.
The client always feels negligence and falsehood at work. A dissatisfied store visitor or service customer will scare away at least 10 customers. These are company risks that are immediately offset by a drop in profits. A direct threat to senior management and shareholders.

What do we offer?

Rouqot Digital Agency provides a full range of services to maintain your business reputation on the Internet.
Since reviews and comments constantly appear on the network, our task is to respond promptly, to check our reputation and give a quick answer to a potential threat.

Our experts also carry out counter-monitoring. Actively work on the network and identifies fake attacks and invented stories of working with the brand. Specialists successfully maintain communication with the sites where such communication takes place.

What tools do specialists use?

Why is it so important to order a SERM service now?

The excess of negative comments over positive ones creates a dangerous trend – a stable image of a bad company is created in the perception of customers. Further, in the process it is very difficult to correct and straighten the situation in your favor. SERM should work from the moment the company begins to actively work and look for customers. Do not attract outside experts, only a company that has actively established itself in this direction.

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