High-quality web analytics today is one of the key tools to increase the conversion and the number of clicks to your site.

The relevance of this tool is due to the fact that all site owners seek to increase their traffic, and for this they need to have the initial data – analytics of their resources (analysis of site traffic, analysis of user behavior, etc.). Thus, analytics is necessary for the growth of any Internet resource.

What kind of service is this?

Web analytics is a set of actions to collect and analyze data on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of an Internet resource. This service is aimed at collecting the most detailed data on site visits in order to optimize it and improve performance, for specific purposes. Analytics allows not only to determine the capabilities of the resource and optimize it, but also makes it possible to save money on attracting visitors.

How is it carried out?

As a rule, site analysis is carried out using the common Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics tools. These are multifunctional services that allow you to solve most analytical tasks, and other options that are suitable for specific tasks are also used.

Our company will help to analyze the effectiveness of the resource.

ROUQOT website analytics is an opportunity to get full information about the resource’s work, its popularity, conversions, as well as about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. In order to achieve maximum information content and structure the data obtained, the following work will be carried out:

• Analysis of traffic from search engines with key segmentation; • The effectiveness of contextual advertising in terms of conversions and conversions; • Analysis of media advertising with separate segmentation by sites; • Analysis of site navigation and specific pages; • Report on visitors and their data; • Attention map, guest behavior and more.

Based on the results of the analysis, a comprehensive report and specific data for all categories of analytics are provided. With the help of ROUQOT, it will be possible to optimize the operation of any web resource, as well as significantly increase its effectiveness.

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